Tetsuya Takata

Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Tetsuya Takata is the lead author of "A Safety Analysis Technique Using STAMP/STPA for Electronic Interlocking System".
Currently a reserve paper for Conference day 2: Safety session

Graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Kogakuin University and joined Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 1990. Discharged his duty as a railway accident investigator of Japan Transport Safety Board of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism from August, 2012 to July, 2014. Afterwards, returned to Kyosan in August, 2014 and up until now in charge of design and development of electronic interlocking equipment and development of radio-based train control systems in compliance with relevant European and American standards such as CBTC and ETCS.
A member of the Society of Project Management.